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We help you understand, simplify and embed sustainability into your company DNA to accelerate your transition to a brighter future.

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Our Sustainability


Nexio Projects is an international consultancy and project management firm. We partner with our clients and assist them through every step of their sustainability journey. We offer an integrated service to help you turn sustainability from a vague idea to a set of goals and actions tailored to your organisation.


Sustainability Strategy

What sustainability challenges do you face? What assessments do you need to complete? Our team of qualified experts will help you focus on the goals that will have the most impact on your business.


EcoVadis Certification

We guide you through the voluntary or required assessments. At this point, we have dedicated programs for EcoVadis and Sedex assessment.


Climate Strategy

Our climate strategy team will develop a bespoke climate strategy — from assessing your climate risks to calculating your carbon footprint, to reducing your GHG emissions, and all the way to achieving carbon neutrality.


Sustainability Manager Outsourcing

If you are not ready to hire a professional full-time, we can provide you with a dedicated sustainability manager with access to a pool of on-demand experts.


Sustainability Training Program

We develop and deliver a training program for your organisation. In the end, you’ll gain knowledge of the key sustainability frameworks and certification methodologies.


Sustainability Reporting

Once you’ve set on your sustainability journey, you will probably want to measure your progress. We can help you set up GRI, UNGC and CDP reporting as well as annual sustainability reporting services.

Navigating sustainability can be complex.

We make it simple.

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360-degree solution

Nexio Projects offers a one-stop sustainability solution. Our team provides expert knowledge on a wide range of topics, from policy and procedure optimization all the way to carbon footprinting and sustainability reporting.

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Global Experience

Our international staff and knowledge give us a deep understanding of geographic and sector specificities. This enables us to provide tailored sustainability advice and solutions that match our clients’ needs.

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Bold and transparent

We pride ourselves on being bold, transparent, and impact-driven facilitators. We do not only believe in these core values… we live by them and they underpin our relationship with each other, with our customers, and partners.

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Lasting Impact

Regardless of where you find yourself on the sustainability maturity curve, we simplify sustainability by helping you to identify material issues to your business, assess your sustainability performance and implement tailored solutions to drive financial, social, and ecological value creation.

Case Study: The Journey to EcoVadis Platinum


“The Nexio Projects team was an insightful guide and provided invaluable support on our journey to EcoVadis gold. With the help of the extremely dedicated Nexio team, we were able to structure all our activities and sustainability initiatives. Their support permitted us to go beyond the gold rating and allowed us to implement a solid structure for the future. We will definitely keep Nexio close on our sustainability journey as we now aim for a Platinum rating!”

Lotte Mastwijk – Sustainability Manager, LC Packaging

Questions About Sustainability?

Tell us what made you research sustainability and browse this website. We can help you:

  • Support you through certification processes like EcoVadis
  • Develop and/or optimise your sustainability management system
  • Establish your corporate climate strategy
  • Improve policies, procedures, KPI measurement and reporting
  • Prepare a tailored sustainability roadmap report that reflects your DNA
  • Create a long-term strategy to optimise your sustainability performance

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