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Climate Risk Assessment

Turn your climate risks into business opportunities. 

Receive a complete climate risk analysis — from physical risks such as extreme weather to transitionary risks such as emerging laws and regulations.

Climate Risk Assessment

How We Can Help

The Climate Risk Assessment is the first step to building a robust climate strategy. Nexio Projects will:

  • Assess the consequences and likelihood of all potential risks;
  • Recommend ways to mitigate these risks and adapt to climate change;
  • Advise you on addressingthe detected climate risks;
  • Identify untapped opportunities in your industry;
  • Provide a comprehensiveClimate Change Risk Assessment Report.
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4 Steps to Developing A Climate Strategy

In this ebook, you will find: 

  • Do you need to build a climate strategy now?
  • The unexpected ways to reduce your emissions;
  • The true meaning of a net-zero Carbon Footprint;
  • How to build a climate strategy.
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Case Study: Measuring KLM’s IT Footprint

KLM Air France Logo_Nexio Projects

“As an EcoVadis partner, Nexio understands our Sustainable Procurement approach and assisted us In our IT Matters project to identify, calculate and visualize the CO2 emissions that are related to our IT activities and IT purchases. It is a great example of teaming up with partners to support our ambitions to become the most sustainable airline group.”

Eric LipsCSR Process Coordinator – Corporate Procurement, Air France-KLM

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