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EcoVadis Assessment

Complete your EcoVadis assessment with confidence. 

We’ll gather all the required information, ensure that your responses meet the EcoVadis standards and help you obtain the highest possible score all while guiding your organisation in its mission to becoming more sustainable.

EcoVadis certified partner
Évaluation EcoVadis

Why Complete The EcoVadis Assessment?

The EcoVadis assessment is the first step to an ongoing sustainability monitoring and improvement process. It enables companies and their suppliers to start a conversation on corporate social responsibility.

EcoVadis benchmarks companies on the four main sustainability pillars of Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. The results are summarised in the EcoVadis scorecard that many companies use as a tool to project a better brand image and reduce supply chain risks. 

Nexio Projects — the only global EcoVadis partner

As the global certified EcoVadis partner, we have the expertise and knowledge to support you through your EcoVadis assessment and expand the scale and scope of your sustainability strategy.

How Can We Help?

The EcoVadis assessment completion is entirely hands-off for you. All you have to do is give us access to the platform. Nexio Projects will:

  • Identify the right documents to ensure EcoVadis compliance;
  • Set up your document management system to simplify future assessments;
  • Collect and analyse all necessary data to ensure you receive the best possible EcoVadis score;
  • Support you in filling the EcoVadis questionnaire;
  • Keep track of your assessment while it is being processed by EcoVadis;
  • Review your scorecard when it is live.

Access Our Webinar

Understanding and Mastering the EcoVadis Methodology

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the EcoVadis Methodology;
  • Understanding the goal and benefits of Ecovadis;
  • What Sustainability is really about;
  • How to structure your sustainability management system;
  • How to measure and demonstrate your sustainability performance.

Case Study: The Journey to EcoVadis Platinum


“The Nexio Projects team was an insightful guide and provided invaluable support on our journey to EcoVadis gold. With the help of the extremely dedicated Nexio team, we were able to structure all our activities and sustainability initiatives. Their support permitted us to go beyond the gold rating and allowed us to implement a solid structure for the future. We will definitely keep Nexio close on our sustainability journey as we now aim for a Platinum rating!”

Lotte Mastwijk – Sustainability Manager, LC Packaging

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