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Gap Analysis Report

Take the first step to improving your ESG score.

We’ll identify your sustainability performance gaps and provide an action plan to fix them. 

Gap Analysis Report

How We Can Help

The Gap analysis report reveals the current state of your sustainability management system and provides a tailored roadmap that incorporates your company’s DNA instead of simply following industry trends. Nexio Projects will:

  1. Collect and analyse relevant data to identify any gaps in your current sustainability management system;
  2. Review your previous ESG assessment(s), external audits, sustainability initiatives and reports;
  3. Identify and analyse your sectoral risks;
  4. Review your current sustainability strategy and ensure it’s consistent with your organisation’s goals;
  5. Simplify the corrective actions relevant to the EcoVadis assessment;
  6. Recommend practical ways to improve policies, procedures, KPI measurement and reporting;
  7. Create a tailored sustainability roadmap with attainable improvements both in the long term and the short term;
  8. Project your EcoVadis score based on expert recommendations. 

Case Study: Defining and Structuring a Sustainability Strategy


“As a family owned firm, sustainability and care for society around us have always been part of our DNA. However, structuring and defining our efforts is a key challenge. That’s why we asked Nexio Projects to help us create an action plan for both the short and the long term and support us incorporate sustainability into our vision and mission.”

Gijs Hemmink – Hanzestrohm

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