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Going Neutral

Yes, you can have a net zero carbon footprint.

As accredited assessors, our climate change experts can guide you all the way from measuring and reducing your emissions to receiving your CarbonNeutral® certification.

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Are you ready to make your organization carbon neutral?

Reducing your emissions and going neutral should not have to be such a headache. As your partner, we will assess your carbon footprint and facilitate your entire journey towards achieving CarbonNeutral® certification.

  • Assessment of your carbon footprint according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard;
  • Setting of targets and identifying emissions reduction opportunities;
  • Submission of all requirements for certification purposes;
  • Advice and support regarding offsetting your emissions in the most credible and impactful way;
  • Re-assessment and maintenance of your carbon neutral status in the long-term.

The Road to Carbon Neutrality

Nexio Projects helps organizations reduce and eliminate their carbon emissions and support them in operating within our planetary boundaries.

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We will help you identify your emissions hotspots and provide the insights needed to start reducing emissions.

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Once your emissions are measured, our climate team will work closely with you to build a comprehensive reduction plan.

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Going Neutral

As accredited assessors, our experts will help you meet all requirements for the   CarbonNeutral® certification and obtain it.

Going Neutral

Every organisation should strive to become carbon neutral as soon as possible. To help companies achieve this in a credible way Nexio Projects has partnered with Natural Capital Partners who developed the world’s first carbon neutral standard. As an official assessment partner, Nexio Projects will carry out your carbon footprint assessment and provide all the requirements needed to achieve CarbonNeutral® certification through credible carbon offsetting.

Certification can be achieved for your entire company, or on a product, service or event level.

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4 Steps to Developing A Climate Strategy

In this ebook, you will find: 

  • Do you need to build a climate strategy now?
  • The unexpected ways to reduce your emissions
  • The true meaning of a net zero Carbon Footprint
  • How to build a climate strategy
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Case Study: Achieving BREEAM with TomTom 

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“Our cooperation with Nexio Projects was essential for us to update our policies and procedures related to our facilities. This not only ensured better alignment with BREEAM assessment requirements but also improved our ability to live up to our sustainability ambitions.”

Maarten Lamber – Facilities Coordinator, TomTom

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