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Our Team

Meet our dedicated team

Our ecosystem of specialists, engineers and consultants are passionate about facilitating the change that is needed for us to transition to a prosperous and sustainable future. 

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Why choose to work with us

We believe in a future where sustainability is a powerful tool for decision making and business resilience.

25+ Experts

Growing team of sustainability experts addressing environmental, labor, ethics and sustainable supply chain challenges.

Unique Skills

From policy development to climate risk assessments. We pride ourselves in being able to walk the entire sustainability journey with our clients.

20+ Sectors

in which we have gained expertise, including the aviation, chemical, oil & gas, promotional product and public sectors.

Team Members

We’re a group of passionate people helping you towards sustainability

Marc Roodhuyzen de Vries
Managing Partner & CEO

Marc co-founded Nexio Projects in 2017 and sustainability is at the core of all of his ventures.

Paul Keser
Co-Founder & Advisor

Paul shares his energy and love for sustainability. He leads our advisory board with valuable experience under his belt. 

Cilia Keser
Managing Partner & Head of People

Cilia shares her dedication to sustainability while always looking out for the team. 

Felix Keser
Managing Partner & COO

Felix develops, executes and sustains strategic initiatives in line with our values & DNA.

Leon Laubscher
Climate Team Lead

Leon tries to make a difference in the world by inspiring companies to reduce their carbon footprint and providing them with the insight needed to do so. 

Margot de Lorijn
ESG Team Lead

Margot is one of our most senior ESG leads and has been with Nexio Projects for over 2 years. She is a cheerful and dedicated professional.

Anje de Jager
Marketing Lead

Anje loves that that she gets to use her commercial skill while also exploring corporate sustainability and increasing awareness on the matter.

Robert Smith
Sales Lead

Contributing to making sustainability standard practise within companies is what led Robert to Nexio Projects.

Thomas van der Molen
Senior ESG Facilitator

Helping companies become more sustainable is what Thomas loves to do and has been doing in various forms in the past decade.

Zuzana Struharova
Senior ESG Facilitator

Suzy always had a passion for sustainability and corporate responsibility and is excited to make a difference through her work at Nexio Projects.

Amaury Quelier
ESG Facilitator

Amaury is continuously developing his knowledge from understanding client challenges to translating their vision into concrete actions.

Mélanie Stuckens
ESG Team Lead

Melanie is an unfailing project owner and sustainability expert with an interest in circular solutions.

Indra Lancien
Junior ESG Facilitator

Committed to combining her passion for sustainability with her experience in business to tackle today’s biggest challenges, Indra is driven for any project.

Faye Lambley
ESG Analyst

Invested in being a force for good, she is also one of our B Corp ambassadors. Faye is enthusiastic and deeply caring.

Veronica Peserico
Junior ESG Facilitator

Her calm and reliability are some of the reasons the team is lucky to have her. Veronica aims to help companies fully integrate sustainability.

Audrey Marty
Marketing Trainee

Audrey passionately supports our marketing team while learning more and more about corporate sustainability. 

Sami El Rafei
ESG Analyst

Cheerful, he lights up the mood in every conversation. Sami is inspired by multiple cultures and the people he interacts with.

Pamela Lam
ESG Facilitator

Accurate and very skilled. Pamela supports our ESG team with a legal background.

Sam Boyd
Project Manager

Sam is driven to help businesses improve the way they approach sustainability challenges.

Wendy Ren
ESG Analyst

Wendy is motivated to be part of the solution when it comes to ESG challenges. 

Linda Hes
Climate Change Analyst

Since the completion of her degree, Linda has been wanting to contribute to a more sustainable future.  Impact-driven and motivated. 

Herman Grové
ESG Analyst

Seeking to make tangible, meaningful and sustainable change. Herman is goal and detail-oriented.

Nancy Khang
ESG Analyst

Through her work, Nancy assesses and improves companies’ sustainability performance.

Katherine Zhang
ESG Analyst

Katherine wants to encourage companies to balance profit with purpose in order to grow sustainably.

Laura Blanc
ESG Analyst

Embedding environmental considerations in business strategies is today more than ever important and Laura is happy to find the best possible solutions.

Olivier Kiewiet de Jonge
Sales Support

Using his passion for sustainability, Olivier supports companies in taking the step towards a better future.

Lukas Röpke
ESG Intern

Passionate about the environmental issues facing us today and those we haven’t figured out yet, Lukas believes that we can create a liveable future.

Daniel Harrington
ESG Intern

Learning and embracing new ideas and approaches is very important for Danny in both his personal and professional life.


The Nexio Projects

North Star

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Our Mission

Empower organizations in their transition to a more prosperous future by simplifying and passionately facilitating sustainability.

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Our Purpose

Promote and accelerate the integration of sustainability as a core pillar of business decision making processes.

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Our Vision

A collective world where sustainability is standard practice and organizations aim to become best for the world and not solely best in the world.

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Our Values

Bold – Transparent – Impact Driven

Our core values are part of the DNA of our team. We do not only believe in these core values… we live by them.​

Why choose

Nexio Projects

We believe in a collective world where sustainability is standard practice. To reach this goal, we are committed to promote and accelerate the integration of sustainability as a core pillar of business decision making processes.



Countries in which we have supported clients



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Years of delivering successful sustainability solutions to our clients



Sectors in which we have gained expertise, including the aviation, chemical, oil & gas, promotional product and public sectors.


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