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Outsourced Sustainability Manager

Make sure your sustainability ambitions are reached on time and on budget.

No need to recruit a full-time sustainability manager – a dedicated Nexio Projects sustainability manager can help you achieve the objectives you have set for your organization.

Outsourced Sustainability Manager

How We Can Help

Maybe you’re not ready to invest in a full-time position. Or perhaps you’re not sure what the sustainability manager’s responsibilitiesshould even be. Or maybe you’re struggling tofind suitable talent. 

Whatever the case, one of our dedicated outsourced sustainability managers can help you make sure your project goes to plan, saving you the time and headaches related to finding the right person. Nexio Projects will:

  • Provide you with on-demand or part-time support from a pool of experts for a predetermined period of time;
  • Handpick the experts that are most qualified to help you implement your sustainability goals;
  • Align sustainability goals with your corporate strategy;
  • Provideflexible in-house support to set up your sustainability management system and help you achieve your targets;
  • Build consensus within your organization and align efforts across departments;
  • Provide staff training to build in-house knowledge on key sustainability issues and practical interventions. 

Watch our free webinar

4 Key Steps To Becoming A More Sustainable Business

Sustainability strategy series

In the first webinar of this series, we walk you through the steps of becoming more sustainable as a business.

Key takeaways:

  • Where to start with building your sustainability strategy;
  • The key benefits of having a formalized sustainability strategy;
  • How to do a materiality assessment;
  • What steps to take once you’ve formulated your strategy.
4 key steps to becoming a more sustainable business_Nexio Projects

Why choose

Nexio Projects

We believe in a collective world where sustainability is standard practice. To reach this goal, we are committed to promote and accelerate the integration of sustainability as a core pillar of business decision making processes.



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